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Is your sleep making your jiu jitsu worse?


Is your sleep making your jiu jitsu worse?


We are all busy!


We get it everyone these days is busy whether it's with kids, training, or work. Often the first thing that gets sacrificed is your sleep. We are often feeling like we are out of time to get everything done without that.


Sleep impact on metabolism and performance:

 The downside of this sacrifice is that sleep is one of the predominant factors in your overall metabolism and your performance. 


Activity and recovery are cycles that require a balancing act of stimulus and response.


Without proper sleep and Recovery your metabolism slows down and your  hormones will drive negative changes in your body.


Below will look at some tips that can improve your sleep but regardless this needs to be a priority for you to ensure that you are making time for this.


  • Avoid napping during the day

 some people will tend to nap during the day. This can drive down the hormones...

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Josh's Story



What if you could change your path, become more athletic, and a better Jiu-Jitsu athlete? 

 Most people know the struggles that many Americans have with food and managing their weight.

 What we hope to show you today is the story of one man who overcame a lifetime of obstacles and a poor relationship with food. As a consequence, he drastically changed his health and his family's future.

 The great news is that you can apply the same principles that Josh has to your life!

 An earlier video of Josh speaking about BJJ Macros:


So, Josh is a relatively long-term client of BJJ Macros.   He, like many others, had a slow start. Then one day, I reached out to him about getting serious with this process.

Next, it was like a light switch moment for him. Very rarely do I see anyone go from not very engaged in the diet process to being very consistent. As you can see below,...

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My Story!


 So my story. I began jujitsu in April 2010 Just before my 31st birthday. I originally started at Ellie boxing/UFC gym in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


I came in completely unprepared, completely out of shape. I was consistently lifting weights but not having any sort of endurance or cardio. I was 214 pounds and I’ll look every bit of it.


Within about three months of Jiu Jitsu I was down to about 190 pounds it felt much much better but the process that I used to get down to the way it was not something it was really sustainable. I came off some injuries took about seven months off about 2014 and had to lose the weight again I stayed around 200 pounds for quite a while


In the middle of 2017 after I had gotten my purple belt I decided it was time to try competing again. I hadn’t really competed except for maybe one time at blue belt and it had really slowed down my progress. At this point I have been teaching a couple days a week just to have some extra...

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Is sugar making you Fatter?


Is sugar making you fat? 

The short answer is no.  It is not sugar itself that is going to cause you to retain or even add body fat.  

First we need to understand how a carbohydrate is processed in the body.  Every carbohydrate that is not fibrous is going to be broken down into a sugar.  Each carb is 4 calories per gram.  Your body does not care if it is from naturally sourced honey or from a coke.  

Any weight gained from eating too much sugar is going to be a function of consuming more calories than you are taking in.  Caloric restriction is the most important factor when it comes to weight loss outside of consistent adherence to diet.

The area that your diet is most likely to get you in trouble as it relates to sugar is with sugary beverages.  These beverages are very energy dense and are not particularly filling.  

In addition to accurate tracking of carbs in any form hitting adequate protein numbers is one of the biggest keys...

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How do I track my alcohol


How can I include alcohol in my macros?

Part of the beauty of  macro tracking is your ability to adapt your diet to your lifestyle.  Rather than giving up on your day because you want to have a drink or two you should plan ahead for your beverage(s). 

How can you replace an alcohol drink with carbs? Every gram of carbs has roughly 4 calories. So if you take an alcoholic beverage that contains 80 calories, it would mean reducing your carbohydrate intake by 20 grams for the day. Sounds easy, right? 

You may, alternatively, reduce the alcohol calories from your daily fat consumption (if you have a great deal of fat in your diet). By using the same equation for an alcoholic beverage containing 80 calorie, it only makes sense to reduce your daily fat intake by 9 grams. Fat has 9 calories per gram, so by dividing 80 by 9, we get 8.88. So for simplicity, we round up to 9.

If, your fat total is 70 grams daily, you would simply reduce your fat intake to 61 grams to make...

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