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BJJ Macros

Managing your diet is hard and most BJJ athletes don’t know which “experts” to listen to for nutrition advice. BJJ Macros is run by BJJ practitioners that understand the demands of this sport. We give you the guidance you need to look and feel great on the mats while eating your favorite food!

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Jamie P.

Of all the ways to approach diets this is by far the best and most effective way I have ever experienced!

Macro splitting is the easiest way to see what type of dietary needs you have based on YOUR metabolism, lifestyle, age, gender, activity level, etc. and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

BJJ has  implemented an easy to use system where the guesswork is done for you.

10/10 would recommend to everyone, BJJ practitioner or not

Barry B.

BJJ Macros has been an amazing change for my health, in 3 months I am nearly 30lbs lighter. The macro plans  have been much easier to follow than I anticipated. Anyone looking for a way to change their diet for the better should give BJJ Macros a look.

Patrick F.

I have never been on a diet  like this and lost weight. I always thought No Carbs and starving was the way to lose weight. I couldn't have been more wrong. Numbers do not lie and as long as you track and meet your numbers you WILL lose weight. I have a full and happy stomach all day, tons of energy, and maximum strength to train. And the best part? Every week I am losing weight.

Head Coach

Jeremy started BJJ Macros in the end of 2018 to help his teammates on their fitness journey.  

  • PN Level 1 Certified
  • BJJ Black belt- Promoted 2020
  • BJJ instructor Since 2017
  • World Master Medalist 2019- Brown belt
  • Multiple IBJJF gold finishes

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