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Josh's Story



What if you could change your path, become more athletic, and a better Jiu-Jitsu athlete? 

 Most people know the struggles that many Americans have with food and managing their weight.

 What we hope to show you today is the story of one man who overcame a lifetime of obstacles and a poor relationship with food. As a consequence, he drastically changed his health and his family's future.

 The great news is that you can apply the same principles that Josh has to your life!

 An earlier video of Josh speaking about BJJ Macros:


So, Josh is a relatively long-term client of BJJ Macros.   He, like many others, had a slow start. Then one day, I reached out to him about getting serious with this process.

Next, it was like a light switch moment for him. Very rarely do I see anyone go from not very engaged in the diet process to being very consistent. As you can see below, this has impacted how Josh looks and how Josh feels.



Before   jiu jitsu, Josh was 280 pounds. As you can see by the blood work below, he was in a pretty dire situation at a fairly  young age.



I fully believe that the path he was on from a health standpoint was likely to shorten his life.



Since starting with BJJ Macros, Josh is down about 30 pounds and is below 200 pounds for the first time since high school.

 His blood work is completely different. He is running, training, and feeling immensely better than before.

 Aside : We recently did a coaching call together that can be watched inside of our membership.

   So while Josh has made tremendous progress over the past several months, we're not done yet. Josh is in the process of moving down to medium heavy, which is an additional 10 pounds from where he currently is. However, I fully believe that he can do that in a relatively short time.

 His example is one of someone who is just a normal person, who made the decision to be better in order to serve his family better.



We as a community are exceptionally proud of how far Josh has come.


If you are struggling with your relationship with food or want to make some changes with how you approach nutrition and training, we offer a free one month trial of one-on-one coaching.


If you want to write your own story and make your change take a free 30 day trial!

 So, it's your turn. How can you create your own story like Josh's?

Feel free to comment below.


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